FRANK Digital is known to produce thought provoking socially responsible content. Some of our best, and most important, work has been for installations in exhibits or museums.

Canadian Museum for Human Rights — 360 Theatre

A unique, circular “basket” theatre is one of only a handful in the world to use 360-degree film technology. The Indigenous Perspectives theatre was produced for the CMHR and is an example of the Museum’s immersive multimedia elements. Designed to present an original “surround” film about Indigenous Peoples’ concepts of humanity, the theatre serves as a space for storytelling, performance and discussion. Wooden “spirit panels” on the theatre’s exterior reflect perspectives and traditions of 156 Aboriginal youth from across Canada, who participated in workshop programs held with artists and Elders in every province and territory, organized in partnership with the National Association of Friendship Centres.

Frank Digital, along with our partners, produced this 360 degree immersive film over a year long production schedule. The seamless animations and live action sequences are a stunning example of the creative style and technical ingenuity we pride ourselves upon at Frank Digital.

CentrePlace Manitoba

CentrePlace Manitoba was designed to welcome visitors to the 2010 Winter Olympics and showcase Manitoba as the central crossroads and hub of Canada. The pavilion rotunda featured a centrally located rotating multimedia experience consisting of four panoramic displays, each made up of nine large LCD screens, featuring Sport, Culture, Geography and Innovation in the province.

CentrePlace Manitoba is the culmination of months of collaboration between Communications Services Manitoba (CSM) and a team of partners that included architects, lighting programmers, multimedia producers, exhibit designers and Midcan / Frank Digital / Frantic Films. A custom multi-camera rig was designed and manufactured by our team to capture the surround images. All editing and multiscreen programming was done at Frank Digital.

Canadian Museum for Human Rights — Donor Wall Interactive Videos

Frank Digital was contracted by the Friends of Canadian Museum for Human Rights to create their interactive donor appreciation wall and kiosks. This project was a two year process of interviewing donors from across Canada and creating vignettes about each donor. Each donor tells their story of why they supported the museum and personal stories of their own human rights experiences. In total over 60 short films were created in both official languages as well as in ASL and LSQ.

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