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FRANK’s focus, whether we are producing a short television commercial, a documentary, or a television series is to produce thought provoking socially responsible content.

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About us

FRANK has an affinity to be working with organizations that do good in the world and encourage their audience to achieve great things as citizens. Some of our most effective and favourite social change campaigns can be viewed below.

Our Team

We have the best in the business on our Frank Digital team. Our dedicated professionals have the integrity, experience and flexibility to ensure your creative vision is met and your marketing objectives are achieved. We are creative and effective. Consultative and responsive. Socially-minded and business savvy. Quite frankly, we will exceed your expectations. And, we’re also a lot of fun!

Our Facilities

Frankly, we are one of the most comprehensive, technologically-advanced production facilities on the Prairies. We are also the largest digital production company in Manitoba. And, we provide all this equipment and expertise under one roof – right in the centre of Canada.

Frank Talk

A place where we put some of our latest work and update you of what is going on. In order to create change you have to communicate and this is where we do that.

Oct 19, 2017

A new FRANK Project – Fostering Hope

Not many times in my 25+ years in the business has a story got to me like this one...

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Sep 28 2016

Great Tastes of Manitoba

Frank Digital bought the rights to a popular local cooking series in 2015, after many years of servicing the production for Hummer Productions.

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Sep 27 2017

Coming Soon to the CBC Documentary Channel...

The Predator's Last Stand is an inspirational tale to all of us who dare to dream, even when the world says it’s too late.

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