A new FRANK Project – Fostering Hope

Not many times in my 25+ years in the business has a story got to me like this one. FRANK Digital is producing a documentary about the people behind K9 Advocates Manitoba.

Jasmine and Dave give so much of their time, their own money and hearts to save the lives of literally thousands of dogs. They work in northern Manitoba communities to rescue dogs who would normally not survive.

In the past several years they have rescued over 2500 dogs. But, the great part of all of this is that they don't just rescue dogs, but they provide dog food and neutering/spaying services to responsible owners in these communities who just can't afford it. They work with the communities to advocate for spaying and neutering to eliminate the need for the "culls" that regularly happen.

Last weekend we travelled with them for a one day, 16 hour, trip that resulted in dropping off puppies to a Saskatchewan Humane Society, food to dog owners, and returning with 21 dogs in the van. We saw some wonderful situations and some terrible ones. Dogs who had been left to die, some who had been attacked, and a few that Jasmine and Dave were able to save. This is going to be a terrific documentary about some extraordinary people.

Watch for “Fostering Hope” on CBC in 2018.


Great Tastes of Manitoba

Frank Digital bought the rights to a popular local cooking series in 2015, after many years of servicing the production for Hummer Productions.

Great Tastes of Manitoba, is the province’s longest running locally-produced TV show, currently broadcasting its 28th Season on CTV. Very few television series can claim to have lasted as long on the air as ‘Great Tastes’, no matter how popular (just to put things into perspective, The Simpsons is currently airing its 28th Season).

Since Frank took over in 2015 we’ve made a number of changes to the production, including hiring popular Winnipeg media personality Dez Daniels as the host, but the show’s format has stayed largely the same. The focus is on high quality recipes, featuring local ingredients, paired with beverages selected by Manitoba Liquor Mart’s product experts.

Over the past 3 seasons we’ve seen a renewed enthusiasm for the show. We’d like to think this has something to do with the increased production quality, and marketing push we’ve made to attract younger viewers, but we can’t say for sure what’s caused the jump in the ratings. ‘Great Tastes’ is ranked as the 41st most popular show on television by Manitobans 18+, beating out many big budget Canadian and US network series, including: The CTV National News, Big Brother Canada, Dragon’s Den, Survivor, Heartland, Ellen Degeneres, Modern Family and (the other series that’s been on the air for 28 season) The Simpsons.

The series has a loyal following of 25,000 Manitoba viewers each week. And when I say loyal, I mean LOYAL. Many of our viewers have been watching for years.

This season the focus is on sharing positive messages about nutritious, affordable food and the local farmers who produce it. Our host, Dez Daniels, and food experts from eight organizations representing Manitoba farmers prepare delicious recipes using local ingredients and Manitoba Liquor Mart Product Expert, Aaron Alblas, pairs those recipes with beer, wine & spirits.

Host, Dez Daniels, has been a fixture in local media for 25 years, but she is also a mom, a published writer, blogger, and a home cook. She knows first hand the pressure faced by families trying to eat well, “We have an incredibly busy household, particularly during the school year. I need to know whatever I make will work, is healthy, and will actually be eaten by the kids.” Daniels adds “I bond with my kids through food, both eating and making it. Great Tastes – both the show and the recipes – have become traditions for us. I hope they will for your family too!”

‘Great Tastes’ strives to be a resource for Manitobans who are interested in cooking with local products, and learning more about where their food comes from. We want people to understand that eating local doesn’t have to be stressful or complicated. Season 28 features a lot of easy, weeknight meal ideas in direct response to feedback from viewers.

When you search out a recipe online you can never guarantee it will turn out, but all of our recipes have been tested by experts and they are developed with the home cook in mind. In fact, all the recipes have been tested by a home cook, our Senior Producer, Donalee Jones, prepares each recipe for her family prior to production, and provides notes to the food experts.

We encourage you to check out the series on CTV or online. All the recipes are available at www.greattastesmb.ca and if you follow us @GreatTastesMB on Facebook & Twitter, you’ll see we're always giving away great prizes.

Great Tastes of Manitoba will air on CTV Winnipeg, Saturday evenings from 6:30 to 7:00 p.m., from September 9 to December 16, 2017 and again February 3 through May 12, 2018.

Coming Soon to the CBC Documentary Channel...

Airing on the CBC Documentary Channel later this fall...

The Predator's Last Stand is an inspirational tale to all of us who dare to dream, even when the world says it’s too late. The show features the career of 3 time world champion boxer Olivia Gerula. Olivia, a single Mom, has fought professionally for 19 years. Her goal is to cap the 20th year anniversary of turning pro with another title fight... but is her goal pushing her health to the brink? With music from the Headstones (thanks Hugh Dillon!), this highly charged, emotional journey begs the question of when enough is enough. Its an incredible story of one woman's dedication to her sport.

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